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Divine Grace School, in cooperation with the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), Bureau of Fire Protection, and the Quezon City Fire District (QCFD), bring the Fire Square Road Show to Divine Grace School this November 20, 2019. The program starts at 8:00am to 3:00pm. 

This event would educate Graceans towards fire safety and prevention, and expose students to the kind of work that a firefighter does, as well as how they save countless of lives. The program would be invocated by F02 Ma. Lourdes E. Moratalla, with welcome remarks from Ssupt. Jaime D. Ramirez. Mrs. Estela D. Canalita would then give her welcome message. Emcees for this event are SF01 Maria Glaiza N. Tioco and F02 Richard Dean Caramat.

Divine Grace School proudly presents the 25th Anniversary Special Coffee Table book, available for viewing at the DGS Main Office. 


Greetings to all Graceans!

For this 2018-2019, we have achieved more compared to how we were last year and in the past years. Divine Grace School now in its 31 years of service and watching it grow from its birth, truly it is now in its blooming years. Like a lady it has already mothered and nurtured thousands of Graceans who are now successful, happy and contented in their own fields.

Graceans have not only excelled professionally, they also have affected other people’s lives through social responsiveness and compassion. Such is the case of Ellys Bacar, an alumnus of batch 1999. He was lauded for rendering extra-service by transporting a child in distress to the hospital without charge and even going the fastest route possible. His heroic act which went viral in the facebook last December 2018, saved the child’s life who was already in anaphylactic shock upon arrival in the hospital. Mr. Bacar, as humble as he is, was even interviewed in a radio station by Marc Logan and Vic Lima because of this inspiring act of love. This is just an example of a Gracean affecting positively, something he must have learned from his school and family. This we are so proud about. Many alumni passed their licensure examinations so that we have contributed to the Filipino professionals new engineers, new nurses, new architects, new pharmacists, new entrepreneurs, new psychologists, new teachers and other professionals who are value-laden individuals.

Yearly, the DGS team of managers come up with a focus for the year through a theme. This year’s theme is “DGS at 31: Evolving Dauntlessly” where all attainment of our mission and vision was anchored through the Graceans having evolved dauntlessly and continuously nurturing and educating students. The Graceans have evolved into something better as manifested in its achievements from the alumni’s successes to the contests won and competitions topped. Indeed, here at Divine Grace School, winners are born.

We’ve set goals and have faced challenges in the past year. I am proud to say that we’ve meet them and won them all with heads held up high.

We got another positive result in the concluded FAPE-PEAC re-certification last February 2019, we are again FAPE-PEAC Accredited. We have co-sponsored the registration of all the teachers in the Reading Association of the Philippines, a national organization. This is a very acclaimed organization that help students and teachers through reading. We also have welcomed into our team Dr. Remedios Basco as our Guidance Consultant, a position so vital in the management of student behavior and other students’ needs. Most importantly, through the help of the teachers and the school managers/administrators and through the leadership of our Principal – Mrs. Waldy F. Canalita, we have finished our very own curriculum map in all subjects. This is something very essential as this serves as the main instrument in the implementation of all the academic objectives of our institution. This is a big leap in our curriculum development and improvement. We hope to reap fruits from it in the coming academic years. The year has really been successfully fun-filled, fruitful, and festive because of the untiring efforts of our Principal, Mrs. Waldy F. Canalita and all members of the board – Sir Noel, Sir Raymond, Sir Edil, Sir Eros and Dra. Ermie. Equally commendable are all the members of the administrative, teaching and non-teaching, auxiliary staff and all the members of the DGS Family.

To all the graduating classes and all stakeholders – students, parents, teachers, non-teaching staff, support staff, school managers, administrators, community partners, board members, kudos to one and all!


Estela D. Canalita

Divine Grace School Directress



The end of AY 2018-2019 is the culmination of years of hard work; the actualization of goals attained and the acknowledgement of successes achieved.

This past academic year has been a journey that started with dauntlessly calculated steps which have taken us to remarkable heights. We have encountered some trials and tribulations along the way...soldiered on and came out stronger. We have experienced exceptional moments, magical moments and created memories that will be fondly remembered in the years to come.

We witnessed our elementary students became active in their community service advocacies through the SAC’s Bigay Puso sa Pasko. Our Graceans from Preschool, Lower Grade School, Upper Grade School, Junior High school and Senior High school who competed in different fields (academics, sports and the arts) shone brightest, landing in the top ranks and winning awards. We have sent our representatives in  the Spelling Bee Contest, Poem Recitation Contests, Press Conferences, Dance Contests, and many others. Our athletes soared high when they brought home the bacon in their stints. And best of all our journalists brought us to the highest level of the competition when Joseph Salin qualified for the national level in the Pagsulat ng Balitang Isports category and he represented the National Capital Region in the NSSPC held in Pangasinan last March 2019.

It is true that yearly, we come to best our previous best. Our Grade 12 students qualified for many prestigious colleges and universities where they took entrance examinations such as UP, PUP, UST, UCC, FEU, and other renowned colleges and universities.

Most remarkably, last February, we have surpassed with positive results the Re-Certification process by FAPE-PEAC. All stakeholders – students, teachers, staff, administrators, the parents and the members of the board meticulously took part in this endeavor.

Henry Ford wisely said, "Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress and working together is success." As we look back over the past year, certainly we have started well, and thankfully we progressed satisfactorily and yes - undeniably we have been successful!

May the years ahead for Divine Grace School continue to be characterized by its dauntless progressive growth to evolve into an entity which sincerely serves the community and produces a winner in every student.

Long live Batch 2019, long live Divine Grace School!


Waldy F. Canalita

Divine Grace School Principal

Divine Grace School extends her highest praise to these extraordinary Graceans for graduating and passing the board exam of their respective fields. Serve the people!