Online Registration for Old Students - AY 2020-2021

Reminders and Instructions:

1. This registration process is an option for parents/students to register online without going to the school physically.  The school office is also open for registration/payment especially if you need more clarification or if you have problem with the online registration.

2. Before proceeding with the enrollment process here, please make sure that you call or message the accounting department regarding the fees to pay for your selected mode of payment.  They will be glad to inform you of the total amount to be paid including balances/refunds from the previous academic year.

3. If payment is already made, please proceed with the registration by filling out this form and upload the proof of bank payment in JPEG format to the file upload link below. 

If payment has not been made, you can proceed with this registration and just leave the file upload blank. There is no need to repeat this registration process and just send the bank payment receipt later at with the NAME OF THE STUDENT as the subject. Please check the bank details here.

4. Please note that for online payments, the school needs to receive and verify the receipt/transaction and the correct amount paid before the registration to be considered successful. You will also be notified thru email or thru your contact number registered below for the successful registration and other updates regarding your registration.  Allow up to 3 business days for posting/verification of payments.

5. For successful registration, you can claim your receipt and proof of registration at the Cashier's office or you may request for a copy to be sent to your email.


Online Registration Form


Bank Payment Receipt Upload

Be able to upload the scanned/picture image of the bank receipt once done with the payment.  If payment is not yet made, just leave this area blank, and send scanned/picture image of the bank receipt to school’s email: Put the NAME OF THE STUDENT as the subject.


Read Agreement (Click to Read) and Submit


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