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For applicants, students, parents and alumni: your personal information are collected and processed either manually or through automated means in the school portals/website which shall be entered and stored within the Divine Grace School authorized information and communications system and shall only be accessed by the Office of School Records, other reasonable school officers and their assigned personnel. Collected information shall only be used and retained for admission, enrollment, and other educational purposes. The same may be shared and or submitted in good faith to the Department of Education or other Government Regulatory Agencies or Institutions as compliance to any legal and/or legitimate reports required by the Department/ Agency/ Institution.
For all employees and personnel: personal information such as their employment records and credentials, may be kept by the school from the moment of their submission, during their engagement from the school, and until a certain period after termination of employment, or until otherwise required by law.
The school website, and other sites maintained and used by the school for learning, information dissemination, and information collection, make use of cookies set by our webservers/webhost or provided by a third party. These are small text files that are automatically downloaded by the web browser or device upon visiting the sites. These then collect your browsing data to help the site better interact with you. In other instances, cookies are also relevant for authentication, session management, and performance analytics. The school may likewise collect and process your personal information upon entering its physical campuses and facilities. This personal information may include video recordings, photos, and other basic information captured through closed-circuit television cameras, logbooks, etc. for records and security purposes.
Retention and disposal are in accordance with Data Privacy Act of 2012.
In processing these data, Divine Grace School is committed to protect and respect the confidentiality and privacy of such as stipulated in the School’s Data Privacy Manual in accord to the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (Republic Act No. 10173), wherein your rights as data subjects are specified. If you have questions or concerns relating to the school’s data protection efforts, you may contact the school’s Data Protection Office/Officer through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.